BAFTA Television Nominations 2014 – surprising omissions?


Today saw the announcement of the nominations for this year’s television BAFTAs and they certainly contain (as usual) some surprising omissions that will no doubt create discussion and debate until the ceremony takes place on 18th May. For what it’s worth here are my thoughts on the categories I am most interested in.

  • Best Actor (Drama)– I’m thrilled to see Jamie Dornan nominated for The Fall and he’d probably be my choice. However where is David Tennant’s nomination for Broadchurch?! His performance in the ITV drama was filled with nuanced emotions that had millions hooked for weeks. Although not quite as ridiculous as his lack of recognition for Recovery in 2007, the fact neither performance has been recognised seems unfair for one of the UK’s strongest acting talents. Mind you I shouldn’t be surprised – the lack of awards for Parade’s End, one of the finest period pieces ever made, still frustrates me!
  • Best Actress (Drama) – An incredibly strong line up here, but if Olivia Colman misses out on a BAFTA for her emotionally powerful portrayal of Ellie Miller it’ll be a crime. I am however surprised and disappointed not to see recognition for Gillian Anderson in The Fall, as Stella Gibson was one of the most interesting characters on television last year. I also thought Elizabeth Moss was very good in the few episodes of Top of the Lake I managed to watch before bailing out so I’m surprised she didn’t make the shortlist.
  • Drama Series – My vote would have to go to Broadchurch, as it was the one drama that pulled me in completely and held my attention and interest from beginning to end, although I won’t be surprised if it goes to Top of the Lake, a series I tried to get in to but which ultimately left me cold.
  • International TV – Quite a tough choice here I think, although I’ve only seen House of Cards so that would get my vote. I’m about to finally start Breaking Bad though, so maybe my view will have changed by the ceremony in May!
  • Radio Times Audience Award – It’s usually entertaining to see the victor here (TOWIE anyone?!) and although I’m a Great British Bake Off addict and thought the Doctor Who 50th special was truly wonderful, it has to be Broadchurch. I was lucky enough to see episode one at a preview screening and from the reaction it received then you could sense it would do very well due to its superb writing, direction and performances. I’m apprehensive about a second series, as I’m not sure the first can be bettered.
  • Single Drama – I’m thrilled to see An Adventure in Time & Space nominated. The dramatisation of the creation of Doctor Who was a superb programme – funny, enlightening and deeply moving, with an end that made me shed a tear or two. I hope that it is successful when the winners are announced.
  • Supporting Actor (Drama) – There’s an interesting mix here and I hear from friends that Rory Kinnear was great in Southcliffe so perhaps he will win. However I’m rooting for David Bradley. I’m sorry he isn’t nominated as Best Actor for An Adventure in Time & Space (in which he was utterly superb) and so I hope he takes this award for Broadchurch.
  • Supporting Actress (Drama) – I didn’t see any of the programmes for which the women in this category are nominated so I can’t say who I hope wins. I am however disappointed that Jodie Whittaker is not included for Broadchurch, as she was one of the most powerful aspects of the entire programme.

So who do you think has been omitted and who do you hope wins? I’m interested to hear your thoughts!


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