Book Review – Daisy In Chains by Sharon Bolton


I was lucky enough to be sent an advance copy of the upcoming ninth novel by acclaimed crime writer Sharon Bolton. I confess I hadn’t read any of her previous books and was excited to add a new author to my reading list.

The novel centres on the crimes of Hamish Wolfe, a handsome, successful surgeon who had the perfect life – until he was found guilty of the abduction and murder of three women (with a fourth unable to be proven) and sent to prison. He still maintains his innocence and has found the perfect lawyer to take his case to appeal. The only problem for him is that she isn’t interested…at first….

That person is Maggie Rose, a successful barrister and true-crime writer. She keeps a low profile and a rather quiet and private life. She also only takes on cases she is certain she can win. So formidable is her reputation that when the detective who helped catch Hamish hears she is even considering taking his case, he tries to dissuade her further. Ultimately curiosity gets the better of her and she agrees to one meeting with him, but this only proves the start of their intriguing relationship. Hamish has a number of female admirers who believe in his innocence and have fallen for his charms, even from a distance. Surely Maggie Rose won’t be as naive?

Author Sharon Bolton

This was genuinely one of the best thrillers I have read in a long long time and I flew through it. In fact, were it not for my recent holiday this review would have been posted weeks ago. It’s a novel that you cannot stop reading. It becomes addictive.

Crucially for me, the main characters are well-rounded and interesting. Hamish is an enigma of a man. Is he innocent? He seems charming and likeable, but is that all an elaborate act? As his relationship with his lawyer moves forward you see different sides to his personality and find yourself starting to like him, while feeling bad for doing so! However the biggest mystery of this book is Maggie Rose – she is a truly intriguing and brilliant character – you never quite know her story. Why did she choose this career? Who does she talk to in her house when you don’t think anyone is there? Does she believe Hamish? Does she even care either way? A woman who seems strongly independent and yet vulnerable, you are never quite sure of her agenda and that makes reading the novel all the more thrilling.

Bolton has chosen a structure which is a little different from other novels I’ve read, with some chapters taking the form of newspaper articles, letters to or from Hamish, or draft chapters of Maggie’s own book about his case, which prove an effective way of giving its reader a lot of background and additional insight in to the minds of the two main characters in a short space of time. The novel is also extremely well paced and has enough twists and turns to keep its audience engaged and intrigued from the beginning to its conclusion. Even if you guess one part of its mystery (or think you have), there’s almost certainly going to be another piece of the puzzle that will take you completely by surprise. Not all thriller writers are able to achieve this and it’s always exciting to discover a new author whose writing captures your imagination. I dare not say too much more for fear of giving anything away!

Daisy In Chains is an excellent novel and one I will be recommending to friends and family. I’ll also be adding Sharon Bolton to my list of must-read authors from now on (including her eight previous novels)!

Daisy In Chains will be published by Bantam Press in the UK on 2nd June 2016. For more information visit the author’s website here. Many thanks to Alison Barrow from Transworld Books for this advance copy in exchange for an honest review. 



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