Television Review – Suits – Episode 6.15 “Quid Pro Quo”


Quid Pro Quo, the title of this week’s episode, suggested that we were in for yet more deals and manipulations, as Harvey’s crusade to get Mike in to the Bar continued. That was indeed exactly what this penultimate episode delivered, although thankfully this wasn’t at the expense of the other storylines. The fact that these back six episodes continue to be well balanced, rather than focussing solely on one plot, has been one of its biggest strengths in my opinion.

I mentioned getting Mike in to the Bar as being Harvey’s crusade, as it has been Harvey driving this scheme. Mike may have been dissatisfied with the lack of power and control over cases he was working on at the clinic, but had Harvey not made a deal with Seidel in the first place, they wouldn’t be in the risky position they are now, with collusion and blackmail becoming their default behaviour. This probably all still flows from the guilt he has carried since Mike went to jail for him and this week we saw Harvey doing what he does best, putting pressure on people to get what he needs from them. The only problem I have with this, is the increasing regularity of his actions being distinctly shady. I love these characters and know they are good people, but the more dodgy deals they make, the more irritated I get! At least, with Rachel’s help, they were able to ensure the miners received a fair deal, while keeping Mike’s dream a possibility.

Rachel (Meghan Markle) & Harvey (Gabriel Macht). Photo source: USA Network
Rachel and Harvey having more contact has been a highlight and the two of them made a fantastic team this week, just as much as Harvey and Mike. Rachel has certainly grown in confidence over the seasons and now she’s proved just what she’s capable of. I’d personally love to see more scenes like this one!

As for Mike, after him seemingly taking a few steps back on the personal development path recently by putting his clients on the line for his own ends, it was a relief to see him redeem himself a little by refusing to put his own dream ahead of obtaining a fair offer for the miners in his case. The celebratory scene between him and Harvey was lovely, albeit, in my opinion, a little premature! They have proven time and again, the extremes they will go to for each other and I sense there will be more before season six concludes.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) & Donna (Sarah Rafferty) pursue their own goals. Photo source: USA Network
As for dreams, Donna and Benjamin continued to explore the future of “The Donna.” I’ve been a little hesitant about this storyline so far, beyond the light relief it offers, but the promise that it would cause Donna to re-evaluate her life is now starting to pay off. She is so much more than Harvey’s secretary and this week she started to see that perhaps it’s time for her to think seriously about what she wants for the rest of her career. 

Having seen their investor meeting appear to go so well, it was a heartbreaking moment watching Donna listen to them talking about her as if she was a lesser person and I can see how she will perhaps start to question her life and lay a new path. Whether this leads to her leaving the firm or not, I’m already looking forward to following her story in season seven. Yes, I’d like to see Donna and Harvey end up together, but I also want to see Donna fulfilled and I don’t see a relationship with Harvey as the only source of that fulfilment.

Donna’s story also saw the return of Stu (played wonderfully by Ian Reed Kessler)! I was disappointed that the writers chose for Donna to give up on more meetings so fast before going back to Stu (especially for 90% stake!), but I grew to really like him last time and his easy-going manner will be a welcome addition to the show now he’s back to support Donna and Benjamin’s project. I can see them making a great trio next season.

That just leaves Louis. Poor, poor Louis. Watching him grow up over the last few weeks has been a real delight. He has put pettiness aside just as Jessica always wanted and has been the one keeping the firm going, as Harvey yet again only focuses on Mike. The scene in this episode where he stood his ground with Harvey about what the firm needed, regardless of the effect on Mike was hugely satisfying. He has come so far and at the moment I still think he should lead the firm. It was therefore very sad to see his decision to be honest with Tara backfire.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) & Louis (Rick Hoffman) – still a team for the moment. Photo source: USA Network
Rachel warned him that there were no guarantees she would forgive him and the fact they don’t have a solid foundation supporting their relationship, perhaps made her reaction inevitable. I was however, still sad to see that Louis may be about to lose yet another romance because of Mike. Personally, I think their engagement when they barely know each other, let alone her pregnancy, is the most farfetched storyline in the series at the moment and I don’t think it will end well. Tara reminded me a lot of Scottie in this episode, in that she had been pushing for them to be honest and open with each other and yet when that’s what Louis gives her (as Harvey did with Scottie), she says she wishes he hadn’t! Just as I don’t think Scottie is right for Harvey, I don’t see Tara as Louis’s soulmate, but I will be disappointed if we now see him undo all the growth he’s achieved because of her.You can do better Louis!

With everything now in place for Mike’s Bar hearing and after watching the promo for the finale (link below), I can’t help but worry that not everyone will escape this season unscathed! Will Anita Gibbs ruin Mike’s chances? Will Harvey pay the price for one risk too many? I certainly hope it doesn’t cost Harvey his career, as although this latest crusade has been of his making, Suits wouldn’t be Suits without Harvey Specter at the firm as a lawyer! The series continues to be one of the few shows I find impossible to predict and I am bracing myself for an unexpected twist, but all we can do is wait until next week to see whether things will be resolved, or whether a cliffhanger will make the  wait for season seven feel even longer!

I’d love to hear what you think will happen in the finale, so feel free to comment.

The Suits season finale, episode 6×16 “Character & Fitness” airs next Wednesday on USA Network in the USA. You can watch the trailer here. This episode 6.15 airs in the UK on Dave on Sunday night at 10 p.m, with the finale the week after.


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