My Game of Thrones, Hopes, Fears & Deadpool for season 8!


The time is finally here (well, for those of us in the UK who have work tomorrow, it’s tomorrow night, but that’s close enough)! After 20 months of waiting since watching the Night King bring down The Wall in August 2017, it’s time for the final season of Game of Thrones to air! I admit, I’m conflicted. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, but now it’s here, it’s bittersweet in knowing one of the best shows on television and one that has raised the bar in terms of what television can be, is coming to an end.

I’ve been mulling over what I think will happen in these final six episodes for a long time and it’s a testament to how good the series is, that I still haven’t got a firm view about how it will all end in six weeks time. That aside though, I have come to some decisions about who I think will survive and who will perish along the way, even if I’m not absolutely sure how it will happen.

So, I thought I’d set out my deadpool here and then see how wrong I am later on!

The Dead – those who won’t come out of this alive

Let’s start will the deaths (this is Game of Thrones after all!). Some I think are more obvious than others. Some I really hope happen and others I know will make me very sad indeed.

1. Jaime Lannister


I’m starting with my favourite character (yes, you heard that correctly). He’s had such a fantastic progression throughout the series and is by far the most complex and fascinating character in my opinion. I’d dearly love to see Jaime make it through the battles to come, but I just don’t think it’s likely. He’s been known as a Kingslayer and Oathbreaker all his adult life, so it makes sense that he’ll go out in a blaze of honour and sacrifice. Will he die protecting Bran? Get double-crossed by his sister, who kills him in anger at his desertion of her? Die in the arms of Brienne, the person who he could perhaps have actually been happy with, were this a different show? I’m not sure. I think he has more time to come with Cersei, so perhaps he’ll make it though the Battle of Winterfell. Whatever the method, I see Jaime dying and Brienne taking it upon herself to write his good deeds in the blank pages of the Kingsguard book to keep his memory alive. It makes me sad just thinking about it.

2. Arya Stark


If any of the Starks aren’t going to survive, my money would be on Ayra going out in a violent blaze of vengeance. There are still names on her list after all. I can see her teaming up one more time with The Hound against The Mountain, so perhaps that’s when she’ll die, or she’ll wear another face in her pursuit of justice and take one risk too many. I may not be sure how, but I’m fairly certain Ayra will be a casualty of season eight.

3 & 4. The Hound & The Mountain

I don’t see either of the Clegane brothers surviving the series. It may be too obvious to say they die trying to kill each other, but I still think this would be a fantastic way for them to go.

5. Sir Jorah Mormont

I’m amazed he’s lasted this long, but I’ve always pictured Jorah dying saving someone else and I’ve not changed my mind. Dany may be too obvious, so perhaps it’s Jon, or even Sam, who saved his life in season seven.Whoever it is, I don’t see Sir Jorah having a long life in Westeros.

6. Cersei Lannister


I’m still not totally certain about this, as it feels far more true to the show if Cersei was to somehow make it through this in one piece, but there is the prophecy that her little brother will kill her, so I still think her days are numbered. Will it be Jaime or Tyrion, or Ayra wearing Jaime’s face? I’m intrigued to find out.

7 & 8. Euron & Theon Greyjoy

While the main action is happening at Winterfell early on, Theon has headed off to save Yara from their deranged uncle. I think he’ll succeed and finally find some peace for all the mistakes he made in the past. However, I also think he’ll die in the attempt, taking Euron with him.

9 & 10. Melisandre & Varys

These two seem destined to die, particularly Melisandre, whose ancient origins are still a mystery, but seem likely to play a vital role in the battle ahead. She also told Varys he’d die in Westeros. By the end I really won’t be surprised if they’ve each fallen, their roles finally reaching their natural end.

11. Greyworm

He was never afraid of death until he met Missandei and now they are happily together it clearly can’t last, so one of them has to die. It could be either, but I’m going to bet on Greyworm for now.

12. Beric Dondarrion

He’s lived this long for a purpose and once that’s been fulfilled, I don’t see him lasting very much longer.

13. Bronn

Who’d have thought Jerome Flynn would become such a badass?! I love Bronn and he’s had some fantastic moments. Would I love him to get his castle? Yes, of course, but I se him dying at some point.

14. Drogon

Yes, sorry folks, but I think another dragon will bite the dust and seeing as Dany is bound to be riding Drogon around, I think he’s the most likely victim.

…….and the big one

15. Jon Snow 


As much as I’d love to see Jon survive, I just don’t think it’s going to happen, as surely one of him and Dany has to die and so many clues have been given that suggest Dany will end up having Jon’s child, that were she to die that wouldn’t happen, so for that reason alone, I predict Jon Snow being another casualty of the final battles. Maybe he sacrifices himself to the Night King to save the world? It’d certainly be an honourable exit.

The Living (because not everyone can die, right?!)

1. Tyrion Lannister


Maybe it’s because I love him so much, but I just don’t see Tyrion dying this season and someone needs to be there at the end to help build the new world. Maybe he and Sansa find out they are actually well suited? Maybe he gets his vineyard and makes wine in the sunshine. Whatever the future holds, I see Tyrion being the only Lannister making it out in one piece.

2. Sansa Stark


She’s certainly survived so many ordeals already, but I don’t think Sansa will die. It just doesn’t serve any dramatic purpose in my view and I admit, I quite like the idea of her and Tyrion ending up together, forging a new story for the Starks and the Lannisters.

3. Bran Stark 

I’m still on the fence about Bran, but I’m going to say he lives, to perhaps become the new watcher in the North, keeping an eye on the world of Westeros, which he is now so clearly not a part of. Then again, maybe the Night King is coming all this way for Bran and his fate is already sealed.

4 & 5. Sam Tarly & Gilly


Ahh Sam. He’s done so well to last this far hasn’t he? Who’d have imagined how important he’d become and I can see Sam taking on the role of the most important and respected Measter in the years to come, writing down the stories of the last eight seasons, so that future generations will never forget. As for Gilly, I don’t want her to die, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

6. Brienne of Tarth

I love Brienne and as much as I’d love her to have a happy ending with Jaime, I’m realistic in saying she’ll survive to serve the new ruler and will be the one to write up Jamie’s good deeds in the Kingsguard book.

7. Sir Davos Seaworth

He’s said so many times that he’s not a fighter and is a liability in battle and yet he’s managed to last this long and I now see him making it all the way to the end of the story. To say he started off with Stannis, in what was for me one of the most dull story strands, he’s gone on to become one of my absolute favourites and if he does survive, I’ll be more than happy with that.

8. Tormund

I admit, I almost said dead and still think that’s very very possible, but seeing as some people have to make it through and I really do love Tormund, I’m going to hope he survives!

9. Yara Greyjoy

I expect her delightful uncle has removed her tongue if he’s really wanting to be cruel, but I do see her surviving the series, thanks to Theon stepping up and making up for his earlier cowardice.

10. Podrick Payne

I don’t know why, but I see Pod surviving and that’ll be fine with me.

11. Gendry

I can see the son of Robert Baratheon surviving the wars and becoming an important figure in the new world. Maybe he’ll be legitimised, or maybe he’ll just prove himself to be a strong and respected warrior. Shame I don’t see Ayra surviving too, as I always liked the two of them together!

12. Rhaegal

Surely one dragon has to survive?? I hope so, so I’m guessing it’ll be this one.

……..and the big one

13. Daenerys Targaryen


As I’ve said before, I can’t see both Jon and Dany surviving the series, so I’ll guess that the Mother of Dragons survives and her and Jon’s child becomes the new ruler in the years to come. Mind you, this is Game of Thrones, so perhaps that’s all too happy?!


So those are my predictions at this point. I’ll probably have changed my mind again tomorrow, but it’ll be fun to see just how wrong I am by the end!

As for what else I’m looking forward to this year?


The biggest one for me are the reunions, which I assume will all take place in episode one. There’s Jaime and Tyrion, Jaime and Bran (sorry about pushing you from that tower Bran…!), Tyrion and Sansa, Jon and Arya, Jon and Sam, Brienne and Jaime. As season seven’s finale proved, the interactions between all of these characters are so loaded now and these reunions will all be incredibly satisfying to watch.


We’ve all heard by now that The Battle of Winterfell is going to be huge! It took 55 nights to shoot, which is just insane and it’ll no doubt be an exhilarating episode to watch. Winterfell aside, there’s still the matter of Cersei and the Golden Company, so not everyone can die in the North. Will we see the survivors taking on Cersei, or will the Night King have flown over Winterfell, heading straight for the capital? Anything is possible in this show!

Mysteries Solved??

Top of these for me is whether Cersei is really pregnant, as I honestly don’t believe it. We don’t have enough time for a pregnancy to come to term, so clearly if it is true, it’s not going to end well. Next on the list is what on earth the Night King wants! Is it Bran he’s after? Did the new Three Eyed Raven change the past? Is this all his fault and the Night King is coming to set things right? He certainly isn’t desperate to sit on that uncomfortable throne!


There are so many questions and very little time left to wrap all of this up, but one thing’s for certain, it’s going to be a hugely exciting and emotional six weeks!

Game of Thrones starts tonight in the USA on HBO at 9pm. Here in the UK, you can watch it on Sky Atlantic at 2 am live along with the US, or wait until 9pm Monday night. 








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