My Suits Season 9 Wishlist!

So, we are now hours away from the premiere of the ninth and final season of Suits. I’ve been intending to post this wishlist for some time now, but every time I went to finish it, something else was announced, rendering it already out of date! So, I decided to wait until now and treat this post as my warm up for the show.

It’s a strange time to be a Suits fan, especially if you’re also a #Darvey fan. It’s a mix of excitement at having the show and these fantastic characters back on our screens, anticipation at seeing how they will tackle Donna and Harvey’s new relationship and sadness that we only have ten weeks left of new episodes, before we have to say goodbye. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly not ready yet.

So, as we wait to see what happens in 9.01 (aptly named “Everything’s Changed”), I thought I’d set out my wishlist for this season, despite the fact that I already know some of my biggest hopes are already happening.

Here goes!

The return of Mike and the Mike / Harvey bromance!

This was, without a doubt, at the top of my list and has been ever since Patrick J. Adams left at the end of season seven. The series simply couldn’t end without us seeing Mike again. At the moment, all we know for sure is that Mike is back in 9.05, in which he’ll go up against both Harvey and Samantha on a case. As this is just one episode though, I can’t imagine it’s all angst and look forward to some of the Batman & Robin dynamic that I first loved about Suits. Plus, we need him to find out about Donna and Harvey getting together! He’ll burst with excitement! Do I hope he’ll also pop back for the series finale? Of course, but at least we’ll see Mike at least once before the end arrives.

Getting to see Donna and Harvey navigate all aspects of a new romantic relationship.

Let’s face it, none of us are over THAT last scene! I mean, was that real?! I can barely believe the above released image is real! I never imagined we’d have a whole season to enjoy Donna and Harvey as a couple, but now that we do, I want to see as much of them navigating that as possible. That doesn’t just mean the fluffy, coupley moments either (although I’ll take as many of those as they give us, such as maybe dancing to one of his dad’s records, saying they love each other, planning a future). I also want the first fight, the struggle to learn how to communicate on this new level, the honest conversations and the working out where their lives are going to lead them. If done well, this could be the most satisfying on screen relationship I’ll have ever invested in!

Harvey’s mother Lily meeting Donna

There are many people from the last eight years that I’d love to see return (see a few below), but the only one I have to have, otherwise I will feel somewhat disappointed, is Harvey’s mother. We’ve seen how much of a shadow his relationship with her cast over his emotional life and Donna was the reason he was able to forgive her. We’ve seen him tell his mother it was thanks to someone special and we’ve seen his mother mistakenly think that someone was Paula. Surely the series can’t end without Lily finally meeting the woman who has always been so important to her son. It feels like a missing piece in the puzzle. All my fingers are crossed.

Happiness for Louis Litt

Louis has been on such a rollercoaster over the seasons. We’ve despised him, felt sorry for him, cheered him on, laughed with him (and at him) and cried for him. I certainly don’t think his relationship with Sheila is perfect by any means, but they do seem to work together and now with a baby on the way (one which I really hope we see born during this season), the future could be a very happy one for Louis Litt. All I hope now is that wherever he ends the series, whether still at the firm, taking a teaching position at Harvard (could Professor Gerrard by stepping down and looking for a replacement?), becoming a stay at home dad, I want him to be happy. He deserves that.

More of the fun and humour from the early years coming back

From all the recent interviews that have been released, this seems to be another wish that looks to be coming true. I’ve enjoyed the more angst-filled phases of Suits, but I admit, the fun and humour of earlier seasons is something I’m looking forward to seeing again this year and it sounds like the Darvey flirty banter is back, which makes sense now they don’t have to pretend they don’t have feelings for one another. Plus, with Louis around and everyone needing to find out about the new firm couple, there’s bound to be fun coming our way!

More about Samantha’s history, especially her military service

We’ve already learnt quite a bit about Samantha in just one season, but I’m certainly interested to know more. We know her early family life was a bad one and that she also joined the service and I’d love to find out more about that. She’s been a great addition to the cast and it’d be fascinating to see more before the series ends.

More family time!

We’ve seen glimpses of the families of all of the gang over the years and in this last run I’d love to see more of that. We’ve already been promised that there’ll be one episode for each character this season, in which we’ll focus more on them, which is very promising, but I’m most keen to see more of Donna’s parents and Harvey’s brother and in an ideal world a flashback with Harvey’s father. Oh and Gretchen dating Alex’s father-in-law could be brilliant to watch!

Some familiar faces appearing one last time!

There have been so many wonderful guest actors in the show over the years, so narrowing it down for this last season is tough, but if I had a say, then top of my list would be: Stu (I love Stu – maybe he can take Katrina out on a date); Dr. Lipschitz (because he’s simply superb); Travis Tanner (because he pushes all of Harvey’s buttons); Robert Zane (although Wendell Pierce himself told me at the stage door of his London play that he’d be “slipping back” to Suits before it ends, so that’s probably a given); Benjamin (because why wouldn’t you want to see him back again?!) and Sean Cahill (because I always liked his dynamics with the characters on the show). Oh……and the cactus! Bring back the cactus!

The events I can live without (but will happily take)!

There are a few things I know some fans are desperate to see, particularly Donna and Harvey getting engaged and/or married and/or getting pregnant, and Harvey getting his duck painting back! If any of these happen, then that’s great, but equally, if the series ends without these events, I won’t feel disappointed.

So………….that’s my list. Honestly, the fact that I already know I’m getting quite a few of these is so exciting. Yes, it’s bittersweet, but I’m determined to focus on the positives – Suits is back!

Suits season 9 starts tonight in the USA on USA Network. It’s arrival on Netflix is, as yet, to be confirmed.

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