Television Review – Dates, Mistakes, Prunies & a Whole Lot of Gambling in Suits 8.12 “Whale Hunt”

It’s Thursday, which here in the UK is Suits night for me (thanks as always Netflix UK!) and after a solid start to 8B last week, I was looking forward to seeing what came next. Before we get in to the detail, one of the big themes across 8.12 was gambling, whether it was Katrina and Brian with their emotions (just no, but I’ll get to that!), Donna with her heart, or Louis and Harvey at the poker table. Some of those gambles paid off and some did not, but overall, this was a strong episode of Suits, which only served to remind me how, although no show can get everything right, I’ll truly miss this one once it comes to an end.

Right, enough of the negativity (well, until I get to THAT Katrina plot line). We have 14 episodes left after all. For the moment, let’s get in to the positives and this week, for me anyway, there were quite a few of them.

Valerie Weiss really knows how to shoot a great looking scene!

If I see that the director of an episode of this show is Valerie Weiss, I start to get excited and that’s simply because her visual taste is just so damn good. Remember that closing shot of Donna and Harvey so near, yet so far? Or the lovely Donna, Louis and a mug of mud moment? Of course you do and this week the tone was set from the very first shot, starting on Donna’s gorgeous shoes and soaring from there, through to the lovely shot of Harvey and Louis sharing that drink, to Donna’s glow throughout. Hurry back Valerie! You’re welcome any time!

Donna takes a risk on love and I am thrilled! 

We knew this was coming for months, but tonight we finally got to see the blossoming of a new romance on the show and I know this statement won’t be popular but, I loved it. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Donna look as excited as we did this week, once she’d realised that Gretchen was right – there was nothing stopping her from dating this great guy, who wanted to take her out. She doesn’t work for him (sure, the firm does, but it works for countless clients), she’s not breaching any ethics (can you hear me, Paula??!) and it’s about damn time we saw her smile like that. Sure, I would have liked Donna and Harvey together long ago (well, more specifically in 7.16), but they aren’t and for the moment, I’m all in for Donna taking us along for the ride as she has some fun!

And let’s face it, Thomas Kessler is a GREAT guy! He’s clearly smart, successful, charming without being sleazy, funny and already seems to have worked out who Donna is and what she needs. The moment he showed he was two steps ahead (like she usually is), having made reservations was a lovely touch – it wasn’t “Hey, I knew you were in to me, so I obviously made plans.” Instead it was “I was hoping you’d change your mind and I think it’s time someone put in the effort for you for a change.” Not only was it pretty sexy, it was also exactly what Donna needed and the tone of her voice as she answered that he was right said it all. This is a woman who’s realising that life is not long (no matter what Harvey thinks), that she’s not getting any younger and that it’s time to put in the effort in to herself and her life. After watching Donna taking care of everyone else’s lives for years, it was about time!

Plus, it can’t be denied that it seemed to be a damn lovely date. I’ve been on some crappy ones and the good ones stand out; where the conversation is easy, where you have things in common and can joke with each other without fear of offending, or being too familiar. Thomas seemed to have done his homework on Donna too and she seemed somehow younger and a little shy, or perhaps thrown by her feelings. A man who knows about theatre – now there’s a keeper (well, for the moment. We have an endgame to get to don’t forget).

Is it moving pretty damn fast? Yes, but they aren’t in their 20s, or even 30s, where perhaps playing the game is part of the fun for some people. They are older and know what they want and I loved Thomas’s direct approach about wanting to lay his cards on the table about his feelings (take note, Harvey) and that last scene truly made me smile. Is he being set up as too perfect? The perfect juxtaposition to a certain poker player with so many complicated flaws? I’d still go all in and say yes, but for now, I’m going to enjoy this storyline. It’s something new and it’s giving us a chance to see Donna in a new situation and that’s fine by me.

Harvey & Louis work out their issues over poker & prunies!

First it was couples therapy and now Harvey is enjoying a nice cold (caffeine free?!) prunie with Louis?! What on earth is happening?! Harvey  and Louis’s complex relationship has always been a highlight of Suits for me, but I’ve always enjoyed them most when they are on the same team, as friends and colleagues. It’s a genuinely lovely dynamic and 8.12 showcased it perfectly.

We started off seeing Louis call a truce after the strains of last week and offering the olive branch to Harvey in the best way possible – by giving him permission to do what Harvey does best (well…..until he messes it up….). We then had the inevitable rivalry, leading to the clashing of egos, followed by them making up. Honestly, as Dr Lipschitz pointed out, this is a relationship and like any other, it needs to be worked on! The poker scenes were great fun, especially once Harvey decided he really didn’t give a toss about landing the client (he seemed a bit dull anyway) and gave beating Louis his full attention.

Was he a douchebag to Louis (or as Louis put it “an equal opportunity asshole”)? Was it reminiscent of the Harvey of early years, bullying him to boost his own ego? Yes on both counts, but what was different and highlights just how much they’ve both changed was that, after a kick up the ass (I’ll get to Queen Gretchen), they could move forward. Harvey actually apologised (I’m still waiting for him to do the same to Donna, but I’ll take what I can) and so did Louis and hearing them each acknowledge what a brilliant lawyer the other was, was a genuinely lovely moment. And over a prunie no less. Last week popcorn with Robert, this week prunies with Louis. What’s next Harvey? Going with Gretchen to her weekly mahjong game (actually, that would be hilarious)?! You know you could have been going home with Donna by now…..right?! In the meantime, I hope this brotherly relationship continues.

All hail Queen Gretchen! 


I love Gretchen! I loved her from the minute Aloma Wright appeared in season five. You just knew she was going to be fantastic and Whale Hunt was one of my favourite episodes for her so far. Not only did she encourage Donna to put herself first for a change and leave the children to fight, while she got her freak on, but she kicked Harvey’s ass! It’s true, she’s a better match for Louis when it comes to who she works for, but I admit I’ve missed her interactions with Harvey from season five and seeing her hand him his ass in his own office, while also managing to drop in to conversation that Donna was off enjoying herself (I wonder why they did that……*cough* Darvey endgame *cough*), was glorious! Who didn’t love the visual of adult Louis and Harvey in bunk beds?! Don’t you dare retire any time soon, Gretchen!

Alex & Samantha are actually getting along and it’s a surprisingly enjoyable! 

I’ve made no secret of the fact that the “Whose name is going up on the wall” rivalry plot line drove me mad and so finally seeing Alex and Samantha getting along was rather refreshing. Will I ever care about them the same way as I care about Donna, Harvey and Louis? No, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in them and this week made a change from the shouting and aggression of 8A. It was also fun to see Alex caught in the middle between two confident, successful career women! His trepidation about getting caught in the cross fire made me like him more. He knows how good they both are, respects their ambition and wants to get the hell out of the way! No thinking he’s better than them, no presumption that he can resolve their issues for them because he’s a man. He respected them enough to let them get on with it! Bravo Alex!

Gambling with Katrina’s character is NOT good entertainment

……..Then we come to the storyline negatives and they all revolve around one horrible gamble, which ended in total disaster and that’s Katrina taking a chance on being able to work with Brian without complications. You should have cashed in your chips and gone home before it was too late Katrina………

I really really don’t like this storyline.

It was one of the points on my fears list for 8B before the series returned. Katrina is a wonderful character and Amanda Schull has always played her brilliantly, right from the start when she was the bitchy associate putting down the mighty Rachel Zane! So far season 8 was doing some if its best work when it came to Katrina – seeing her struggle with the pressure of being a woman wanting to climb the ladder in what remains a man’s arena, hearing her painfully voice her confusion about the aspects of her life that may still be lacking and seeing her navigate new ground by actually making a friend. There is so much they could be exploring with her, but what do they choose? Another storyline around potential cheating and infidelity! Come on! Enough already. We get it. Everyone in this show has to have a cheating story, but NOT Katrina and Brian. Plus, just when I didn’t think my stomach could turn more after the perfume sniffing scene, we then had the almost kiss while he’s holding the baby he’s recently had with another woman?! NO NO NO!! To be honest, it’s just as offensive as the therapist dating her patient story decision.

I’m not sure what the point of this is, but enough already. You’re ruining two lovely characters. Stop it!


So, that’s it for another week. What’s on the horizon in 8.13, entitled “The Greater Good”? It seems Stu is in trouble with the SEC following the questionable actions he did to help Harvey / the firm in season 7 and Sean Cahill is either going to turn a blind eye, or bring even more trouble. Oh and then I’m guessing we’ll have Donna arriving late for work after her night and Harvey’s life will get a whole lot more painful! One thing about Suits – it’s never dull! You can watch the promo here:

See you next week!

Suits season 8 continues next week on Wednesday night on USA Network in the US and on Thursday in the UK via Netflix.

(Photos: USA Network/Suits USA)



Television Review – Suits 8.05 “Good Mudding” – A very personal, yet fun episode

We’re now halfway through this initial run of season 8 of Suits and every week (well, bar 8.02) takes the series from strength to strength. I had high hopes for 8.05 from everything we’d already heard about it and it didn’t disappoint.

There’s a lot to unpack this week, but the key theme was not professional, but personal, as the domestic lives of multiple characters were explored, with one theme binding them all – the question of how to be a good parent and how hard that is. Although I love the office game playing on this show, most of my favourite episodes revolve around the characters’ personal lives and this week was another shining example of how good that can be.

So, let’s break it down, shall we?

Has Harvey Specter’s emotional growth ever been clearer? I don’t think so!


First point on the list is to say bravo to Gabriel Macht, who was excellent this week. Any opportunity to show a more emotional side of Harvey that he’s given, he takes and runs with and this week was no exception. Knowing we were getting more of the Specter family was what I’d been most excited to see in 8.05 and it was a treat.

Not only did we have some lovely moments between Harvey and his brother (more Billy Miller please), giving us even more insight in to how their family’s problems have at times strained their relationship, but it was also lovely to meet Harvey’s sister-in-law and see her interact with the Specter brothers. One question though, did Marcus not cheat? Was that just a cover as he was too afraid to tell Harvey that what he’d actually done was gamble and ask his daughter to keep it a secret? Surely he didn’t do all three?!


As well as Marcus’s issues with parenting, we also saw the return of Lily, who was actually able to get through to Harvey in a meaningful way, without an argument, in order to help both her sons. A few years ago such a scene would have been unimaginable and that’s the key point here. It’s been clear recently how much Harvey has developed on an emotional level; he’s been openly kinder to people and more willing to express himself and all of that progress was on display in 8.05. We saw him explode at his brother, only to come to understand that life isn’t black and white and even manage to convey the importance of forgiveness to his sister-in-law about lies and deception. This truly is a changed man and to cap it off, he was able to admit how difficult the situation had been for him. Hearing him tell Donna that it had taken a piece of him stunned me at his readiness to share such vulnerability with her.

I’m more excited than ever to see what these leaps forward will mean for his relationship with everyone in his life, but especially with a certain red-head……..(more on them later)!

Good Mudding No More For Louis

He may not have a family yet, but this week, it was time for Louis to face the harsh reality that having children requires sacrifice. We knew someone gave up something significant in 8.05 and suspected it would be Louis, but I admit, I expected it to be something more serious than mudding! The again, mudding is pretty damn serious if you’re Louis Litt!

With the Specter storyline brining the more emotional scenes this week and after last week being so tough for him, 8.05 saw Louis’s plot bringing back the comedy that Suits is always so good at (and which was greatly lacking in season 7) through Louis’s very real struggle to let go of what has always been his best stress reliever. Mind you, he really can rejoin the mud club in a few weeks / months, so it’s not that big a deal really. Oh and Louis being turned on by property prices? Brilliant!


I’ve not been a big fan of Sheila recently (in fact, I’ve grown to dislike her and her messing with Louis’s emotions) but, to my surprise, I found myself agreeing with her this week. We all know having children was not something she wanted and now she’s come around to the idea, it really is understandable that she’d be annoyed by Louis’s inability to give up one thing, when she has to sacrifice A LOT. Do I think these two actually having a child is the best idea? Not at the moment, as I’m still not sold on their relationship, but if that’s the path, then they both need to make sacrifices and Louis had to hear that, although she could have been more honest about it, rather than manipulating him behind his back to set him up.

Most of Louis’s scenes may have been comedic this week, but my favourite and one that brought a tear to my eye was Donna giving him that mug. It was so sweet. What a gorgeous friendship they have.

Yet again, I loved Samatha Wheeler

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 6.45.20 AM []

In what I assume will continue to be a recurring theme this season, Good Mudding also saw conflict arising between Alex and Samantha, this time on a personal level, with Alex struggling as a parent and seeking Samantha’s help with his teenage daughter. True, the example she was setting wasn’t fluffy and was a little shady, but what was he expecting?! He really is appalling at understanding people’s personalities isn’t he? Having said that, I didn’t think what she did was that terrible!

We were also given yet another glimpse in to her past. We already know she was assaulted and now we know her childhood wasn’t an easy one. I’m curious to see how these two puzzle pieces fit together as we continue to get to know the enigmatic Ms. Wheeler. Mind you, it also highlights to me that soon we’ll know more about Samantha’s past than we do about Donna’s, which is quite frustrating!

I’ve missed Suits being this fun!

As I said earlier, in recent seasons Suits seemed to lose a lot of its humour and this week reminded me of how, in years gone by, the show used to make me laugh more than it has recently. So, thank you Sharyn Rothstein for writing an episode full of so much fun! Who’d have thought we’d have ever seen Harvey and Louis actually discussing what turns them on and Gabriel and Rick had me laughing out loud! Tomatoes, Harvey? You couldn’t think of anything better?! Then, in one of the best scenes of the week, we were treated to some A+ punning from Donna at Louis’s expense. You could see how much fun Sarah Rafferty was having! Even a lot of Samatha’s interplay with Alex’s daughter was fun. Please, writers, let’s keep up the humour and fun in the show from now on!

Harvey & Donna – freely talking about their kinky past, but sure, they’re just friends……..


Ahhh Darvey, you continue to make me laugh and cry (in frustration) in equal measure! Season 7 was rocky and, as I’ve already mentioned in previous reviews for this season, these last few episodes have seen them more comfortable than ever with one another. So comfortable in fact that it seems they now not only have no problem brining up The Other Time (you know, the night they were never to talk about again), but can freely joke about the intimate, kinky details of it too…..right there in the office…….the professional place that was the main reason for Donna’s rule……..but you know, they’re just friends everyone! Nothing to see here!

Plus, on top of this exchange, we also had the all too short phone call, where Harvey had been through the emotional wringer and wanted to share that with one person – Donna. Could that conversation have been any more like a married couple?! Seriously, can we just lock them in a room together to work this out, or better yet, in an elevator, which after all the scenes that have taken place this season by the elevators would be the ideal tie-in! They have to be endgame. How on earth can they go anywhere else at this point?!

It was written and directed by women! 

It’s the icing on the cake that such an enjoyable episode was not only written by a woman, but was also directed by one too. Sharyn Rothstein is quickly becoming one of my favourite writers on the series, already behind one of my favourites (season 6’s The Painting), as well as acting as story editor for many episodes over the last couple of years and Valerie Weiss has given us some beautifully shot scenes in the past (the end of 7.06 standing out) and this week added more scenes to that list (my favourite perhaps being Donna and Louis at the end). I’m already looking forward to their next contributions to the show.

A couple of cons

Although, overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Good Mudding, there were a couple of cons for me. First, as much as I love Donna acting as everyone’s fixer, she really needs a personal life of her own. I really hope we get to see this soon. Oh and I’m still disappointed in how much I’ve changed my mind on Louis and Sheila. I used to love them together. Katrina was also absent, but in light of the fact we’ve already had a couple of episodes with a decent storyline for her, I can accept missing out on seeing her this week. Oh, and I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get Harvey at Donna’s door. That would have been glorious.

And looking ahead………..


We don’t know much about 8.06. but we suspect it includes Donna in a gorgeous ballgown and the title, Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter suggests Louis will be the focus, but what we do know for sure is that the episode will see Harvey and Louis going to therapy…..together! Group therapy with these two? Good luck Dr. Lipschitz!

Suits continues next week with 8.06 Cats, Ballet, Harvey Specter on Wednesday night on the USA Network in the USA and on Thursday in the UK via Netflix. You can watch the promo here:

All screen shots / photos courtesy of USA Network


Victoria’s Suits Awards 2017!


So, as it’s the Emmy Awards tonight, I thought I’d mark the day by creating my very own set of awards for a show that has deserved recognition over the years, but always seems to slip under the radar at awards season.

Therefore, I bring you my first Suits Awards 2017, recognising some of the greatest achievements in the first half of season seven! I’ll start with a big thank you to those of you who have provided suggestions for categories and award titles. You know who you are and it is greatly appreciated!

…….So on to the Awards……!

Do let me know in the comments any categories you’d add!

1. Favourite Performance – Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt!


Season seven has so far been an emotional rollercoaster for Louis Litt. I’ve been frustrated with him, angry with him, sad for him and laughed aloud at his comedic antics. Rick Hoffman should have been nominated for his performance so many times (This Is Rome immediately comes to mind) and I have loved every minute of him so far this season. We’ve had his emotional near breakdown, his nastiness, the lovely rooftop scene and that utterly heartbreaking final scene in Donna’s office, not to mention his delight at meeting Brian’s baby, his hilarious GoT walk of Shame and his mud mare! A masterclass. Bravo Rick Hoffman. I look forward to many more years of getting Litt the hell up!

2. Favourite Returning Guest Star – Wendell Pierce as Robert Zane


Wendell Pierce always adds gravitas to any Suits episode and season 7A has been no different. We’ve seen him step up in the prison case, almost punch Harvey (a missed opportunity Robert) and then grow so much closer to his daughter, bringing us the force that is Zane & Zane. You can come back as often as you like Mr Pierce!

3. Best Character Development – Sarah Rafferty’s mighty Donna Paulsen

IMG_7321Season seven has brought a much deserved spotlight on to Sarah Rafferty’s Donna and we’ve learnt so much more about her in such a short space of time. We’ve seen Donna step up and ask for greater recognition and respect, navigate her new role, face humiliation in court and face the biggest unknown in her life – how she truly feels about Harvey. Rafferty is superb in the role and she’s taken it up a level so far this season, whether the heartbreaking moment she learnt about Paula and pretended she knew, to her conflicted walk through that hotel to her ex, to that final brave act, it’s been an emotional viewing experience. I hope she is here for years to come.

4. Favourite one-liner – Gretchen putting Louis firmly in his place!


All hail the mighty Gretchen! She’s been a joy in the series ever since she first arrived in season five and questioned Harvey’s manliness! Aloma Wright is superb in the role and her dynamic with Rick Hoffman never disappoints. Hearing her warn Louis to change his behaviour or suffer the consequences was brilliant. There was no doubt she was totally serious!

5. Favourite Shot – the shot of two people alone in their offices, so near & yet so far, in “Home To Roost”


This was a tough decision, as I did have a shortlist due to the fact that the directors and director of photography on Suits always make the show look visually lovely. However, the closing shot from “Home to Roost”, directed by Valerie Weiss, as we see Donna and Harvey, each at their desks; so near and yet so far, with the skyline behind them, was just beautiful. Runner-up mention to Patrick J. Adams’s lovely rooftop shot from behind Donna and Louis in “100”.

6. Favourite New Character – Ray Proscia as Dr Lipschitz


We’ve seen a few new faces so far this season, but the winner has to be the much talked of Dr Lipschitz, played by Ray Proscia, whose therapy sessions with Louis have been on our radar for years. It’s a testament to how good Proscia is in the role, that I already feel as though he’s been around for ages. I hope he continues to guide Louis in season 7B. Maybe he can also recommend a new therapist for Harvey too?!

7. Favourite Location – the office of the COO


Yes, the final scenes cemented the winner of this award, but it was on track to take the prize anyway. First, it’s a gorgeous office (I want that marble desk!); nicer than any corporate office I’ve ever seen and fits the personality of its occupant perfectly. Full marks to the set decorators and props team. Then there’s the fact Donna now has an office, which is such a fantastic development and yes, we now have those gorgeous final few minutes with Donna, Louis and Harvey in that location.

8. Favourite New Team – Louis and Brian 


I already love Brian. He’s a decent guy, who has started to form a wonderful dynamic with Louis Litt. I loved his outburst in “Shame” when his parenting skills were questioned and him passing Louis his son was too cute for words! I hope for much more of Jake Epstein in the show. It’s about time Louis had a Mike of his own!

9. Best Friend – Rachel Zane


I have always loved Rachel, played wonderfully by Meghan Markle and one of her finest qualities is how wonderful and supportive she is as a friend. I’ve missed her and Donna’s scenes and it was lovely to see them open up to each other again this season. They helped  one another find their way in their new roles in the firm, but Rachel was also the best friend every woman wants too – reminding Donna that she deserved the best, thereby averting her friend making a huge mistake, not to mention listening to her when she needed a friend and making clear that she is no fan of Paula Agard! We’d all be lucky to have a friend like Rachel.

10. Favourite Montage – the close of the 100th episode


Patrick J. Adams did a stunning directorial job on the 100th episode and I loved the closing montage, as we watched both Louis and Donna head towards making what could be a huge mistake. It’s so well crafted and truly highlights what a great eye for the visual look of the show Adams has.

11. Favourite Song – Waves by Dean Lewis


Suits always manages to choose superb songs to compliment its narrative and there were so many fantastic additions to my Suits playlist from season 7A. Special mentions to Love & Hate by Michael Kiwanuka from “100” and The One I Love by Mirror Fury from “Shame”. However, there could only really be one winner and that’s Dean Lewis’s beautifully, emotional acoustic version of Waves, which played over the final three scenes of the finale, adding even more emotion to Harvey’s talk with Jessica, Louis’s heartbreaking monolgue about love and that kiss. I hope all Suits fans have bought this song immediately (his album is also excellent too)!

12. Funniest moment – Louis’s mudmare! 


Suits has always been able to balance drama and humour brilliantly and a lot of the comedic moments usually belong to the mighty Louis Litt and season seven has been no different so far. The winner has to be Louis’s hilarious mudmare from “Mudmare”! Seeing him and Harvey mudding, before his fantasy is ruined by the appearance of Alex Williams, had me laughing out loud! Runner-up mention to Louis’s Game of Thrones-inspired walk of shame through the corridors of PSL!

13. Most emotional scene – Louis’s heartfelt speech and THAT kiss!

IMG_7498.JPGThere have been a few contenders for emotional scene, but it had to be these last few minutes of “Donna”. Let’s face it, it was an emotional moment for both the characters and  the audience! I’m not sure we’ve recovered yet, so god help Harvey! Beautifully acted and directed, it was a mixture of a joyous payoff for the Darvey fans, but was also undeniably a little sad, as we see Louis in so much pain and then Donna and Harvey just as lost as he is. There will be troubled waters ahead, as that kiss will clearly have ramifications for their lives from now on. I could also have awarded it Biggest Shock, as cynical me never dreamt we’d see such an intimate moment at this point in the series. I’m so pleased I was wrong!

14. Best Matchmaker – Mike Ross


Yes, Louis Litt may have been the trigger man in the end, but he had no idea what he was stirring up. Mike Ross on the other hand had a set goal – try and bring two people he cares about, the chance of happiness. Seeing him try and bring his “parents” together was so sweet. Now he just needs to have the talk with Harvey. Do it for all of us Mike!

15. Finest Achievement in Non-Verbal, Emotional Acting


Not every actor can convincingly convey an emotional depth without words, but we are all very lucky as Suits fans that Gabriel Macht is superb at expressing a range of emotions without saying a word. This was never more evident than in those closing seconds of the mid-season finale, as Harvey was rendered speechless by Donna’s kiss. The palette of emotions you see flow through him is extraordinary – confusion, shock, a little anger and then that lovely slight hint of the beginnings of a smile, which disappears just as quickly as he stops himself, all the while his eyes convey just what a mess he is now in. Nuanced, emotional brilliance at its best. Bravo Gabriel Macht!

16. Guardian Angel Award – Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson


We all miss Jessica, but she’s still been around in season seven so far and she has to be recognised for continuing to pull the strings in the background to keep the PSL ship upright! While Harvey was doing a super job of making everyone want to kill him, Jessica’s actions meant that soon the team was all back supporting the greater good of the firm. Not only that, but in the mid-season finale, she gave up her New York licence without a fight for the good of the firm and her friend Harvey. It’ll always be Pearson Specter Litt to me, even when he name comes down.

17. Special Recognition Award for winding up fans – Aaron Korsh!


I admit Aaron Korsh’s tweets always make me laugh, as he navigates the potential minefield of audience reaction. It’s a fine balance. Yes, he winds some of us up sometimes, but when he does it in such a witty way, I have to give credit where credit is due!


So, those are the worthy winners of my first Suits Awards 2017! Who needs the Emmys right?! If any winners would like their trophy, just let me know and I’ll happily send them to you!